Nomvelo Makhanya says she was ax ed from Scandal! for reporting bosses being dru .nk on set

Former Scandal! actress and now DJ Nomvelo Makhanya says she was axed from Scandal! for reporting bosses being dru.nk on setNomvelo Makhanya, the former Scandal! actress who played the iconic character Lindiwe, has recently spoken out about her decision to leave the popular South African soapie. In an interview with the Access Genie podcast, Makhanya revealed that she had reported her director and floor manager for being intoxicated on set, leading to her character being written off the show, according to Sunday World.





This decision, while difficult, highlights the actress’s commitment to maintaining a professional and safe work environment. Makhanya’s candid admission has sparked discussions within the entertainment industry, underscoring the importance of addressing issues of misconduct and upholding ethical practices on set.

“I was written off a week and a half after I had reported them and I got called into the office. The news was delivered to me, and it was made to seem like I was the one with the problem. Like I was the one with the issues. But I took it like a champ and held my head high,” she shared.Makhanya stated that her final months with the production had been exceedingly challenging.Makhaya shared that despite the difficulties she faced, she remained grateful for the growth opportunities they provided.

“I stopped vlogging for my YouTube channel because I would be told that I am wasting production’s time. [And they claimed] that they constantly had to wait for me, which was untrue. They found little things just to make it seem like it was a problem”

“Even with live videos on my Instagram promoting the show, I stopped doing that. I stopped because it was like I was wasting their time and that was new,” she said

“A lot of the time, people in power always want to show you that they hold the trump cards. And when you start speaking up against their bullsh*t, they want to make sure that you struggle.I was redlisted, for a while. That basically means you do not work. The minute you show up, they already know who you are because they have been told. They wanted to prove that they are bigger than me and they made me, it is a power thing,” she said

Despite having savings that cushioned the financial impact, she experienced severe anxiety and suicidal thoughts. The constant voices in her head telling her that she deserved the hardship compounded her distress, especially given her dedication to the show for a decade. Interestingly, the actress has found success in other endeavors, generating significant income outside of acting. In the past 18 months, she has undertaken a journey of healing and therapy to overcome the psychological toll of the experience.