Patrick Seleka Jr. turns his Skeem Saam he is now a qualified chef in real life.

Patrick Seleka Jr., well known for his role as Chef Katlego Peterson on Skeem Saam, has made his character a reality. In real life, he is a professional chef.

The actor announced on Twitter that an aspiring chef has a new cooking show.Patrick Seleka revealed that he now has a reality show on Netflix titled The Cook Along.




4 years later and it’s finally here. No sponsor, no channel, but I MADE IT. The Cook Along is now streaming on NetFlix and I am your host.The actor revealed that his new show tells the story of how he always had a passion for food as a very young kid and his quest to learn more about food.He wrote:My alter ego and of course how many South Africans nationwide now identify me, is a TV drama character that falls inlove with food and eventually owns a restaurant. He goes from being a young township kid with the dream of one day becoming a chef. And he makes it happen.

This is a story of how, I, PATRICK SELEKA, a township kid with a passion for food goes on a quest to learn more about food. Turning my SKEEM SAAM story line into a reality. This is the making of the ASPIRING CHEF SLK.Just like his character on Skeem Saam, Patrick Seleka is really passionate about food.He often shares his cooking adventures and recipes on his Instagram account.

Seleka is also a DJ and goes by DJ Khathapila. He performs in private events and shares posters and details of these gigs on his Instagram account.Patrick was fascinated by his father’s career and always dreamt of being a police officer. However, the passion fizzled out as he grew older. He made peace with the reality of being cut for the arts and opted to pursue it actively.

As an actor, he is famous for playing Katlego in Skeem Saam. He landed the role in 2011 after several unsuccessful auditions. He has been gracing viewers with his yellow bobo body on the show as fans passionately refer to him as Kat.