Qwabe Twins Real Age Revealed – They’re A Lot Younger

The Qwabe brothers put in a lot of hard work to become successful artisans in South Africa, and it has paid off. The twins are originally from Kwazulu-Natal, a province in South Africa. It wasn’t until the sixteenth season of Idols South Africa that they gained widespread attention, at which point they decided to give the audition process a shot.

They had always planned on auditioning for Idols 2018, but ultimately concluded they didn’t have the self-assurance or fortitude to do so. Once they had won the trust of the public in 2019, they began the next stage of their development by actively seeking for icons.

They did so well that many people became completely enamored with them and began proclaiming them the victors even before the competition was over. Virginia was eliminated, and Viggy eventually withdrew from the opposition due to charges of control and that she was disposed of in an arbitrary manner, but their efforts in the opposition were useless. Both of these accusations ultimately resulted to Virginia and Viggy’s dismissal from the opposition.

In 2019, when they entered the Idols competition, the Qwabe twins were 22 years old. Since they were the youngest competitors at the start of the competition, they took the stage looking the youngest. The Qwabe twins will be 24 years old in 2021; they were born in 1997.

In 2021, they will have reached the age of 24. Whatever the case may be, they seemed older than their years based on their demeanor and general appearance. Although the Qwabe twins did not come out on top during their time on Idols South Africa, that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to chase their dreams of making it big in the music world.

The DJ Tira record label has officially announced their support for the duo. They dropped a new track this week called “Ziyakhala.” The siblings’ music careers are taking off, and they’re getting requests for more shows. They have been instrumental in the continued success of the company.

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