Sello Maake kaNcube’s wife Pearl Mbewe says she takes full responsibility for their marital problems.

In a candid and introspective statement, Pearl Mbewe, the wife of legendary actor Sello Maake kaNcube, has taken full responsibility for the majority of the marital problems that have plagued their three-year-old union. Mbewe attributes the challenges in their relationship to her own personal struggles, stemming from a single-parent upbringing that has instilled in her a fierce independence and a reluctance to fully integrate into their marriage, according to Sunday World.

Mbewe acknowledges that her “Solo” personality, as she refers to it, made it difficult for her to seamlessly merge her life with her husband’s, leading to a series of events that ultimately threatened their marriage. She confesses to having a hard time submitting herself to her husband and being accountable to him, as she had grown accustomed to operating on her own.

Furthermore, Mbewe admits that one of her gravest mistakes was discussing the intimate details of their marital problems with her friends, even those she now realizes were not genuinely happy for her. This, she says, caused a rift between her and Maake kaNcube, as he became uncomfortable in the company of these individuals, feeling that she had over-shared without also acknowledging her own contribution to their troubles.

Mbewe also takes responsibility for her inability to exercise emotional restraint during arguments, confessing to swearing at her husband and even using derogatory language. She acknowledges that this behavior has been detrimental to their r and has driven them to live separate lives, despite Maake kaNcube’s efforts to open up his life to her by sharing his personal information and passwords.

Despite these challenges, Mbewe makes it clear that Maake kaNcube has never resorted to physical violence, even in the face of her own “harridan” behavior. She hopes that by taking accountability for her actions, they can work to rebuild their marriage and overcome the obstacles that have threatened to tear them apart.

“As I have narrated, our is- sues in our marriage are not special to or unique to us, we are a married couple and disagree- ments and arguments will al ways be there but that does not mean we don’t love each other. Yes, we had an argument and whatever else its called in the media. I would like to unequivo cally state that my husband has never laid his hand on me,” she said

“I can confidently say he will never lay his hands on me be- cause I have been living with him for the past four years and. trust me. I know myself hasn’t raised his hand after all these years, be when I say he never Ordinarily. I won’t kept quiet and not hà anything on this matter can’t just sit on the sidelines and watch people castrate my husband’s character on baseless allegations,” she said

“Ntate Sello has given him- self to the cause of being a bet ter man than what he is now and it’s unfair to watch all this work go down the drain due to assumptions. GBV is a serious issue in our country and I would never com promise myself by defending my husband if he was indeed a perpetrator,” she said.