SkeemSaam Marothi Maphuthuma is Leeto’s biolo gical father?

Did you noticed the differences in looks between Leeto ( and the other Maputlas?Leeto doesn’t look like his “father” John or the other members of the Maputla tribe, just as Kwaito never looked like any of his sisters.

His skin tone is much lighter than that of his family members and from a young age, he has always behaved differently to his brother Thabo

Meikie has always loved Thabo more than Leeto, even when Tbose has been on the wrong side of the law. On the other side, John has not been that loving to Leeto; he always sees him as a disappointment in whatever he does in life.Leeto resembles Marothi Maphuthuma in appearance, talking, and even behavior; he is as cunning, manipulative, and secretive.We saw this when the ruthless lawyer outsmarted his ex-wife, Mokgadi, several times.

Leeto will be devastated if he’s Marothi’s son, because he hates him. He’s represented Marothi before as his lawyer and therefore knows his dark side.To make matters worse, Leeto admires John and has always wanted to please him and be like him.Marothi will be thrilled when he finds out that he is the father

Will Meikie tell Leeto who his father is? Secrets will always have a way to come out. Meikie will never hide the secret forever. Let’s wait and see how Skeem Saam will unfold the storyline behind Leeto not being Maputla.