What beautiful actress Keke Mphuthi does when she is not acting

Mzansi actress Keke Mphuthi has taken time to have a side hustle, even though her acting career has shown to be successful for several years now.

The actress has shown that her talent is unmatched as she took on roles from gangster to soft roles on Television. The actress is mainly known for her role in Unmarried, Umbuso, and many others.

The actress sometimes switches up showing off her vacation and influencer lifestyle for a humble farm job.Keke Mphuthi shares many pictures of her poultry farm business on Instagram. The business is thriving, and the actress has it in her bio on Instagram that she is the HOD of a poultry farm.
Goyapele Poultry Farm prides itself as a black-owned company selling Grade A chickens. The poultry business started in March 2023. She usually advertises her chicken business on all her social media pages.

Another friend joins the actress in running the business, and they employ a few workers to help. Keke’s poultry farm sells fresh chicken in all quantities and gives incentives like free delivery for people with bulk orders.