Wife tattoos husband’s face on her arm for his birthday & His reaction br eaks the internet

‘If you like it you put a ring on it, if she likes it she puts a face on it’, these are some of the words coming from the cameraman who experienced the whole romantic moment of a young couple when a woman surprised her husband with a tattoo of his face on her arm for his birthday.

Zinhle and Ntokozo Junior

Popular South African couple, Zinhle and Ntokozo Junior have left hundreds if not thousands of social media users talking over their TikTok video which has since gone viral, with some expressing different opinions. In relationships, people express their love for their partners in many different ways and there is no limit to where you must end with showing how you really love them.

Zinhle and Ntokozo Junior

As it is said, love is blind, some tend to take it an extra mile that they get blinded by love, and not be able to see what people outside the relationship will be seeing.

In the video in particular, Zinhle surprises Ntokozo with gifts that include a cake, bottles of alcohol, champagne, and obviously, a big one, which is the tattoo on the arm. Clearly, he did not see this one coming and his reaction says it all.