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AKA Speaks On That Sizwe Dhlomo Beef

AKA Speaks On That Sizwe Dhlomo Beef

AKA once again sat down with legendary rapper Slikour and nothing was off limits, well at least according to Slikour, because critics say the interview did not delve deeper into the controversies surrounding AKA. From his beef with Sizwe Dhlomo, to his criticised Cruz Banana Deluxe Vodka flavour, his AKA TV app and deal with SABC 1, his failed Reebok deal to many other topics. But one topic people were eyeing was the boxing match with his nemesis Cassper Nyovest, which conveniently got wiped out from the entire interview.

One of the beef’s of 2020 happened between Sizwe Dhlomo and AKA, even though the two ironed things out, they are not in the perfect of spaces. Speaking about their relationship right now, Mega said they have known each other for a very long time and through a mutual friend they managed to squash things.

Sizwe had been throwing jabs at AKA on social media but the rapper mized them until he could not take the shade anymore. He said to Slikour on his online radio station, Slikour On Life, “I thought what I said to him was funny, the bootleg jeans, but once again like I always do, I went too far and Warras arranged for us to sit down and talk, this is how things are going to be and then we apologised to each other and then that’s it. Isn’t that what men do though?”

Touching on that AKA Cruz Banana Deluxe flavour, The rapper revealed that it took two years to perfect and come up with the right flavour so they worked tirelessly to find the perfect balance. AKA however, is not fazed by people who had only negative things to say about it. People such as comedian Trevor Gumbi, were puzzled by the flavour because they are not sure what to mix the banana flavour with. Mixes such as cranberry juice, lemonade and appletizer according to Mega work.

His Reebok deal fell flat on the face but for him it was a learning experience that he is grateful for, “It’s a learning experience, you gotta learn. You gotta say well ‘should have done that, should have done this’ make sure next time you do not do this again. An L can stand for ‘loss’ but it also stands for ‘learning.'”

To conclude the interview AKA said he is simply the best in the game, adding that he is the number 1 artist in the country, “I would like to say I am the number 1 artist in the game. I think that my run has been filled with so many controversies, so many ups and downs, hit and successes. So many things have happened in the last 10 years. So when you ask me about my 5 regrets, I actually have a lot.”

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