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Boity Contemplates Switching Up Careers

Boity Contemplates Switching Up Careers

South African media personality, Boity Thulo, is still on a high from the release of her new collaboration with Halo Heritage for her haircare line. Noticing the extreme success has in each career decision she has made thus far, the multi-faceted star is contemplating steering off slightly, and exploring a completely different career path.

On Sunday, 18 October 2020, Boity shared her late night thoughts on Twitter, stating, “I would love to study interior design in my late 30s. Then spend my 40s building an interior design company. I dunno. Life is long enough. Chase all your dreams.” Fans immediately began encouraging her to take a leap of faith and follow her dreams, as many stated that due how successful she has been in other aspects of life, her new career path would be just as lit.

Some of the comments included, “Manifest and do it. What are you waiting for?”, and, “Keep making the decisions you are making. Its working out great. My appeal is that you employ the thousands of unemployed youth so that you can help them too. You may have many business opportunities but others don’t. Luv you doe.”
In response to one of her fans asking why she hasn’t followed through with her plans, she stated, “Already have too much on my plate right now. There’s a whole career in motherhood I need to tap into first. “Boity also acknowledged the countless messages asking her to give it a go as her fans would support her, and tweeted, “I want to retire knowing I tried it all. Confidently settling knowing that I tapped into all my hearts desires. Whether I failed or succeeded in them.”

Boity has proven that she is much more formidable businesswoman, with a successful reality show on BET, Own Your Throne, she is always a booked and busy rapper. Fresh off the back of the easing of lockdown restrictions in South Africa, the queen already has had a long line-up of performance that some of our DJs wished they would have. Boity has had back-to-back performances for weekends on end, which she has been juggling with all of her other responsibilities.

Boity has truly earned her spot as one of South Africa’s hardest working celebrities, and it looks like she is far from slowly down!

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