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Cassper Shares The Secret To His Success

Cassper Shares The Secret To His Success

For the first time in a while, award-winning South African rapper Cassper Nyovest took to his social media to talk about something either than his success.

Seeing the high number of unemployment among South Africa’s youth, the rapper shared some words of inspiration. Nyovest opened up about struggling with self-doubt earlier on in his life and how he overcame it.

“I used o be so hard on myself, I used to ask myself why me? What makes me so special because everybody is struggling. I’m not the only one that’s going through this so why me?” Said an inspired artist from Maftown.

“Why do I feel like I deserve a blessing? Everything changed for me after I changed the question from why me to why not me? I’ve already struggled, so why can’t I be blessed? I’ve already cried so why can’t I smile?” He further added. “I’ve already felt pain, so why can’t I feel joy? I’ve already walked to the studio and back for hours, so why can’t I own a luxury car?”

He then revealed that this change in the way he saw life changed his fortunes.

“I started demanding that blessing cause I felt like I deserved it. I’ve already sowed, so why can’t I reap? I started telling myself that I was special, I started telling myself that I was different from everyone. I started telling myself that my story won’t end like everybody else and my life changed. I started seeing progress in my life cause I never felt sorry for myself.”

He also stressed the importance of having a plan for your life. “I felt like I was special and I deserved it. And I worked with a vision and everything changed. You need to do away with self-doubt, I don’t know who I’m talking to but I know that I’m talking to somebody. ”

This approach t life has clearly worked for Cassper as he is one of the richest, if not richest, rappers in South Africa. He owns two Bentleys, a tour bus and a mansion in the north of Johannesburg. He is also taking care of his family and owns a record label, Family Tree.

“Start believing in yourself. Start demanding your blessings. Start working towards a vision and everything will change. Why not you? You deserve it.”

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