Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival is when culture meets technology

Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival is when culture meets technology

Now in its seventh year, Fak’ugesi is a celebration of technology and creativity by Africans for Africa.

TheFak’ugesi Digital Innovation Festival 2020 programme will run live, online, for a month from Tuesday, October 20, to Friday, November 20.

Under the theme #PowerToThePixel, the 2020 festival aims to bring regional and international audiences together through three major focus areas of African Digital Art, Heritage and Technology, and the ever-popular gaming-centred, Fak’ugesi Arcade.

A major festival highlight is the work of anonymous South African artist a.k.a Xopher Wallace, who is the Fak’ugesi Festival 2020 #PowerToThePixel featured Augmented Reality (AR) artist.

Not only is he a winner of one of the curatorial commissions for Digital Art with the exhibition titled “The Afridelic Trip: Faces of Mixed Realities”, but he is also the featured artist for the official 2020 #PowerToThePixel face filter for Instagram, Facebook and Snap Camera.

Commenting on the show Wallace said: “I’m excited to announce the official Fak’ugesi 2020 #PowerToThePixel that I’ve created to celebrate the meeting of technology, culture and the spirit.”

Using the Fak’ugesi iconography, Wallace’s face filter allows users to change between “Cyborg” and “Third Eye” to encapsulate the meeting of technology, culture, and the spirit of Fak’ugesi.

The much anticipated Fak’ugesi Arcade kicks off in November with the exhibition People of Play: African Game Developers, curated by Games Industry Africa writer Vic Bassey – which aims to celebrate and acknowledge gaming’s growing foothold across the African continent as well as the game developers, producers, writers and digital artists behind the industry.

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