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Ifani Shades AKA About His “Dead Career”

Ifani Shades AKA About His “Dead Career”

It seems AKA and Ifani’s beef is far from being over, as the Xhosa rapper has decided to shade the rapper again. This time Ifani, decided to take a dig at AKA on Twitter, by telling him that he has resurrected from death.

The rappers had the social media streets buzzing a few years back, when AKA shaded Ifani’s album saying it reached gold status because Redds bought 2000 copies. The two exchanged some lit tweets dissing each other, and in an interview with Hellen Hirimbi on i(m)bali AKA described iFani as a “Rubbish artist”.

In a tweet the Xhosa rapper who recently bagged a travel and lifestyle television show Amah Kows Best SA bragged by saying he will have 1 million followers soon because he is back on screen. Ifani decided to shade AKA and tweeted an image of a man walking saying, “Let me go tell AKA. I’m back from DEAD,”

He later tweeted and said “Eish, I forgot my mask, with the person walking back, but fans have warned him that AKA will clap back and knowing AKA, his clap backs are lethal.

It is no secret that Ifani was once of the country’s most famous rappers but he fell of the radar. Speaking to Slikour recently the rapper said quitting music left those around him a tad disappointed

“I have disappointed a lot of people, my entire family is disappointed in me. I have disappointed my fans, I have disappointed my baby mommas, I have two now, they don’t want to see me. And the main thing they talk about is ‘why aren’t you working? Why are you chilling at home. There I am chilling at home, doing nothing.

“For that disappointment I want to say I am sorry. My career was supposed to blossom. Take Xhosa to overseas, I had dreams but all of a sudden I said No,” he said.
The rapper revealed to Tshisalive that he left the music scene because he wanted to rest because he had been working hard

“I’ve been at home, in Nelson Mandela Bay. I haven’t been on these entertainment streets. I haven’t been doing TV things or music things. But I have been making music here and there – although I’ll admit that most of the time I was just doing nothing, being a beach bum,” stated.

“I left because I honestly felt like I needed some time to myself, not in a clichéd way, but in a way that came from me thinking … I have been hard at work and for a long time, when am I ever gonna rest?

The rapper said he did not stop making music but he just stopped doing interviews and just being in the entertainment industry space.

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