IN MEMES | ‘Skeem Saam’ fans think Leshole’s name is affecting his life negatively

‘Skeem Saam’ fans think Leshole’s name is affecting his life negatively

Having run out of reasons for why Skeem Saam writers seem intent on making Leshole suffer for the rest of his life, fans of the popular soapie have resorted to thinking that perhaps the meaning of his name is ruining things for him.

The common thread fans have seen since meeting Leshole is the fact that he truly has to fight his way out of constant difficult situations and nothing ever comes easy for him.

In fact, every single time it seems he has something to celebrate, life throws him yet another curve ball that forces him to fight for his life.

The literal translation of the name Leshole is soldier and fans are convinced that the poor young man is living up to his name. Battle after battle, Leshole never seems to catch a break.

If it’s not his father just abandoning him after a disagreement, it is his mother reappearing in his life only to crush him because he can’t support her financially.

On top of all that, there’s the criminal ex-girlfriend who not only broke his heart but lied to him and there’s a divided community of Turf where others are awaiting his next downfall and only a few others rooting for his success.

The guy just never catches a break and fans are wondering what it will take for Skeem Saam writers to give him a happy chapter if not happily ever after.

Here are their reactions to his scenes on Wednesday.

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