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“K.O Killed AKA On Run Jozi”

“K.O Killed AKA On Run Jozi”

That Nota interview with Mac G really did some damage! Artists are still arguing over what he said about Nasty C, Shane Eagle and A Reece not being authentic South African artists. The producer also said he is responsible for Kwesta’s success. That’s not all he wants Cassper to slow down and focus on grooming the next talent.

The biggest bone of contention was when he said AKA out rapped K.O Run Jozi. Fans and music peers alike were not here for this and made their discontent know. Rapper Zingah reignited the debate again today.

Twitter has been been abuzz ever since with tweeps who think Zingah is right and those who think AKA was the better rapper.

Here are the two verses. Pick your fighter.

[Verse 1: AKA]
Started from bottom, was rolling around in that Toyota bakkie
The summer is ours, I’m hungry for power, Gaddafi Gaddafi
You turn on the tube and all that you see is Versace Versace
You go to my school, they can’t tell you sh*t about Chris Hani Chris Hani
This ain’t the land of the free, no propaganda machine
Handle my flag on the screen, then light a candle for ‘Dibs
Then light a candle for ‘Dibs, okay
Smoking the jets, smoke, smoking the jets
Smoking them like cigarettes
Taking it straight to the head
Drinking Select
This is the sweetest revenge

[Verse 2: K.O]
My flow is so harzadous
Mfanakithi, can’t nobody handle this
I annihilated all my competition so there’s no further challenges
Look, going against the authority ntwana is totally blasphemous
In a city where having no morality is totally fabulous
What’s going on with these amateurs over the internet posting some messages
Next thing you know your career is over, ntwana, over some characters
It’s the juxtaposition of choosing stupidity over intelligence
Ntombazana ushishiliza ngendunu phansi and you’re hoping for happiness
Emhlabeni mel’uz’bheke, it’s crucial
Ubothemb’itshe than uthembe umuntu
They laugh in your face while they planning to shoot you
Bafuna njukuculel’amagugu
Ng’zobamba ngo-left, ngik’bambe ngo-right, mina kleva I’ll hurt you
We outchea living that Eskom life, yeah we in that power circle
See all I ever wanted was a peace of mind to speak my mind the streets are mine
Yeah I ain’t even reached my prime, ng’sazokwenza dizzy blind
Ngisazokwenza busy blind
Aw mina ngiy’ntsimb’edl’ezinye, redefined
Just read between the lines and when the sparks fly hope you can see the grind
See the grind, yeah

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