Lamiez’ Good Heart Gets Appreciated

Lamiez’ Good Heart Gets Appreciated

Lamiez Holworthy keeps getting her much deserved flowers on social media and this time it is for her kind heart. The DJ always finds it in her to extend a helping hand to people, especially women who need it.

Like many other celebrities, who reveal how they spend their monies, always get criticised, Lamiez found herself getting trolled for offering to help a woman with a botched tattoo.

It all started when this woman posted her version of “what I wanted, vs what I got” and showed a picture of a tattoo she wanted, but got a very ugly one. Lamiez being a tattoo fanatic offered to pay for cover up tattoo from her tattoo artist. Amazing right? well one troll does not seem to think so. He told Lamiez that is wasting money on unnecessary things instead of worrying about her orphanage.

He advised Lamiez that she might need the money in future and should not waste it on getting people tattoos. Lamiez hit back and asked why is he so concerned as he has no business.

The troll had to give a very disrespectful response and said if it is on social media, it is his business. “This is Twitter, anything that ends up on my TL is my business. You’re wasting money on nonsense. Next thing you’ll be crying and begging for money for your orphanage. Be wise with your money.”

Lamiez hit back and said her orphanage is doing very well and she and her husband Khuli Chana are making sure of that that. So she will never need money from the timeline when things go south.

Lamiez had once opened up about her dream to build a house for the less fortunate but there are slight delays. She said there are about 30 children who need shelter but the municipality is not making it any easy.

“It’s been months n I have a deadline ya Christmas and 30 kids who need that home. I hate it here!” she said. “It would be so much easier to go ahead and build without permission (like everyone else in that area does) but I stand to lose so much more.”

“Town planner then suggested we change the plans and made it smaller to submit to the necessary departments. Months later and a new story every other day.”

The whole idea of building a home came from God as He showed her in her dreams, what was needed to be done. She obeyed but there are slight delays. “Some would call it crazy to take on such a task in such a dark time where many of us aren’t earning what we used to,” she tweeted.

β€œSometimes I feel like I bit off way more than I can chew regarding my orphanage and then I remember that this is bigger than me. Modimo le Badimo Baka always make a way.”

In an interview with Daily Sun, Lamiez said giving for her is very important because that is how she communicates with her ancestors.

“I give not because I have a lot, but because I know what it’s like not to have. For me, giving back is my way of communicating with God and my ancestors. When God blessed me with a beautiful home, I knew it was time for me to bless the less fortunate with one. ”

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