Makhadzi on her hectic past, being exploited and singing at taxi ranks

Makhadzi on her hectic past, being exploited and singing at taxi ranks

Hard-core fans of Limpopo-born singer Makhadzi know that even though she only burst onto the mainstream music scene recently, she’s made hard at work for years.

Makhadzi’s career started at the tender age of 12, when she was already running away from home to dance at promo shows. From then she started singing wedding songs and eventually dabbled in other genres – until she landed on what is called “Limpopo house” and hit the big time with her catchy tune Matorokisi.

In a candid interview with YouTuber MacG, Makhadzi opened up about how she was exploited because she had no knowledge of the industry and even sexually assaulted by people who took advantage of her.

“It is only now that I have learnt a few things, now that I have a brand and I am on social media and stuff [that I have found success]. But I have also come to believe that it was all a matter of timing. Perhaps at that time [when radio wasn’t playing my music], maybe it wasn’t my time,” she said.
Makhadzi said a lot of factors worked against her, from how young she was when she started out to how people were threatened by her star power opted to pull her down instead of lifting her up.

“I only wanted to sing and dance because that’s what I love … Those people treated me like a slave – I would do house chores and stuff … They had someone to cook for them. All I got in return was a chance to perform and make them money,” she said.

As Makhadzi’s music career grew, her relationship with her now ex-boyfriend and Jerusalema hitmaker Master KG also added to her fame.

The pair seemed to be going strong for a while after they both broke into mainstream media. They had matching rides for a while and when Twitter tried to come for Makhadzi without make-up, Master KG defended her. However, they have since amicably broken up – apparently to focus on their careers.

“Me and Makhadzi parted ways months ago … to focus on our careers. We are still young and we still need to achieve big things. [We] hope everyone understands and respects that. I am no longer going to answer anything related to this. Thanks,” said Master KG.

Makhadzi commented on the Facebook post verifying Master KG’s words.

“Indeed, it is true – it has come to an end, our relationship. Kindly respect our decisions,” she said, before going on to promote her upcoming album.

Here’s part 2 of her interview with MacG below.

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