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Mandla Apologises To Lexi For His Disapperance

Mandla Apologises To Lexi For His Disapperance

Reality TV star Lexi Van recently went into panic mode after she couldn’t get a hold of Mandla and her brother Brendon after she was unable to reach any communication with them over the weekend.

Lexi took to Twitter asking for assistance to locate Mandla and her baby brother after they went MIA, and she couldn’t help but assume the worst had taken place.

The Big Brother South Africa star asked tweeps to assist her with information that could lead her with finding out their whereabouts.

“Mandla and my brother didn’t come home last night. They left at 11.45am yesterday. I called at 8pm, said they were OK. I asked that Mandla calls me when they leave Thembisa, no call. I left the lights on. At 3.19 am, they still weren’t back. I’m mad and extremely worried at the same time!” Lexi tweeted.

She explained further that the situation caused her much anxiety as Mandla know how much it stresses her when she receives no call or text from him.

The couple welcomed a child together in 2019 and gained fame after winning season 3 of Big Brother South Africa back in 2014. They even had two seasons of their own reality show Mandla and Lexi.

A few hours later Lexi shared that Mandla and her brother had finally returned home safe and sound and thanked everyone everyone for their “safe wishes”.

“I was losing my mind. It’s my brother’s birthday today and back in September 1996 he went missing. My dad didn’t rest until he was found. We eventually found him in a bush on a mattress. I was honestly waiting for the horrible news that my brother and partner have left this world.

“I’m not ready to endure the pain of losing a loved one. My heart isn’t ready to add more pain and trying to heal from it. They are both safe and I did not stop praying until he opened the door and said. “I’m sorry babe”. My hearts with all those who have lost a loved one.”

Mandla then took to Twitter to apologise to Lexi for being inconsiderate for his phoneless situation

“I neglected to reciprocate your love and concern at a time you needed it most and completely understand why you’d be mad and extremely worried at the same time.”

Lexi acknowledged Mandla’s apology and forgave him for the incident and let know she was glad that they were back safe.

Image credit: Bafana Mahlangu

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