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Mihlali Ndamase still fuming after being s*ut shamed: Imagine listening to irrational thinkers

Mihlali Ndamase still fuming after being s*ut shamed: Imagine listening to irrational thinkers

SANDTON, SOUTH AFRICA – AUGUST 15: Mihlali Ndimase during the Truelove Night of Style at The Galleria on August 15, 2019 in Sandton, South Africa. The glamorous event, held in partnership with Mazda, is an annual fashion and beauty extravaganza where local A-listers showcase their opulence and style. (Photo by Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape)

Influencer Mihlali Ndamase’s rant after a man sl** shamed her ignited havoc on the TL as women took the opportunity to lambaste men who were constantly “policing” their behaviour.

What started out as a stinging response directed at one man morphed into a bigger discussion in which women spoke out against men constantly dictating how women should live their lives and further expanded into how the mentality that women can be controlled may be one of the leading reasons for GBV in Mzansi.

Despite all the shots thrown at her as she trended for more than 24 hours on Twitter, Mihlali stood firm on her word. She continued to speak her truth, not mincing her words as men on her TL tried to justify their opinions.

“I said what I said mntakabawo.”

“Bloody cowards, all they know is being entitled to women’s bodies and lives,” Mihlali said in response to other women who echoed her viral sentiments.

Many women supported Mihlali’s stand and some, just like the influencer was a couple of weeks back, were threatened with fumbling their bags for airing their opinions.

Sis was not here for any of that!

“People love using ‘brand this, brand that’ to silence us. That chop is so tired beloved.

“They (men) only took ‘ill speech’ from everything I said because they cannot stand women being in control, of their bodies and their lives. They want to possess everything about us,” Mihlali said.

She made it clear that she had no concerns for the many “pressed” men on her TL.

“Them seeing women unsubscribe from the patriarchy they constructed makes them itch. Let them be pressed, we won’t be told what to do by them. Imagine listening to irrational thinkers. People who are so entitled to women, they rape and kill them every single day.”

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