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Nina Hastie celebrates 7 years of sobriety

Nina Hastie celebrates 7 years of sobriety

Local comedian Nina Hastie is celebrating seven years of sobriety and is inspiring thousands of people with her story of hope.

The multi-talented TV host and voice-over artist has previously opened up about her struggle with alcohol and drug abuse.

She has also shared her experience with sexual abuse which led to her suffering severe depression.

Taking to her social media on Friday, the star shared the exciting news. She wrote: “7 years ago today I walked into a 12 step meeting and realized my life was unmanageable. I needed a power greater than myself to restore my sanity.”

Hastie also took the opportunity to thank the people who supported her throughout the years.

“Thank you to so many of you that have walked this journey with me, and continue to do so. I’m still figuring out stuff and learning every single day. I’m exceptionally grateful. 🌹❤️”

She added: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 🙏🏼

In a podcast interview with IOL Entertainment in 2019, the star said she is writing a tell-all memoir which will shock and inspire many people.

She also spoke about how she was raped multiple times, suicide attempts, drugs and alcohol dependency and being ostracised by her family.

“I’m 18, I just finished school and I just started a temp job because I thought was going to study at Unisa because I didn’t get the marks in matric that I expected.

“I sneak out one night and go to the pub down the road from my house. And I’m drinking. This guy, who was much older than me, like 35, keeps buying me drinks and I get very, very drunk.

“This guy takes me home and I wake up with this man on top of me. Basically, I get date-raped. This is obviously now the start of the shame, the guilt, the ‘I did it, it’s my fault’ blame.

“I didn’t tell my parents I snuck out of the house so I couldn’t tell them what happened to me. So I keep that to myself and I start keeping all my pain to myself … ,”she said at the time.

The pain continued to weigh on Hastie, who suffered a similar fate twice and she continued to bury her emotions.

In trying to “fit in” and make new friends she started using cocaine and that led her down another dark road, filled with physical abuse and suffocating despair, which led to a few suicide attempts.

Fans and industry friends including Lorcia Cooper, Rami Chuene and Renate Stuurman showed their love and continuous as the Pretoria-born star celebrates this great milestone.

Commenting on Instagram, “Lockdown” actress Lorcia Kumalo said: “Beautiful Giant Congratulations 🎈”

“The winningest of wins ! ❤️” added actor and comedian Trevor Gumbi.

“❤️❤️❤️congratulations Nina,” commented “Isono” actress Rami Chuene.

“Unmarried“ actress renate Stuurman and filmamaker Stephina Zwane also wished Hastie well.

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