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Ntando Duma Gets Reprimanded By Sbahle!

Ntando Duma Gets Reprimanded By Sbahle!

South African media personality, Ntando Duma, has done a stellar job in raising her three-year-old daughter, Sbahle, alongside her dad, Junior De Rocka. This was evident in Ntando’s recent Instagram post shared today, 11 November 2020, where her toddler knew exactly what was up!

Taking on the ‘sneezing challenge’, Ntando pretended to sneeze without covering her mouth and nose in order to see if Sbahle would be fazed by her mom’s lack of manners. Suffice to say, Sbahle was less than impressed by Ntando’s behaviour and made sure to let her know that she had no etiquette. Giving her mom a side eye at first, the toddler couldn’t deal with the continuous sneezing and screamed, “You need to cover your mouth! I told you to cover your mouth!”.

Finding her reaction hilarious, Ntando laughed at Sbahle’s clear annoyance, causing her baby girl to become even more angry. She went on to stated, “You are not covering your mouth! It is important to cover your mouth! For the coronavirus! When you sneeze and cough!’. Ntando thanked Sbahle for telling her how to correctly behave when she had the sniffles, and asked for demonstration. The little girl showed herself sneezing into the inside of her elbow, proving that she knows the exact response that has been encouraged due to the spread of coronavirus.

A number of Ntando’s industry peers commended her for teaching her daughter the correct etiquette and was impressed by her knowledgeable response and advice. Boity replied with, “This precious little genius!”, and SK Khosa agreed with, “Too smart.”

Ntando recently showcased the genius that is her daughter in an Instagram post this past weekend. The two are now the ambassadors for the “Grow Great Campaign.” Ntando explained the purpose of the initiative by writing that:

“People often compliment Sbahle how smart she is, and ask how I did it. I was lucky that I started reading to Sbahle since I was pregnant. Babies who were read to as new-borns have a larger vocabulary, as well as more advanced mathematical skills, than other kids their age. It is never too early to start reading for your baby. Start today.”

And the video than provides receipts for the why it is important to do so. Sbahle did not only recognize the numbers, but could also name the objects she saw in the book. The video continues the conversation and marvel on how smart the little toddler is. One person that marvelled not only on the smarts of the little but the mothering skills by Ntando was Bridgette Masinga.

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