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Ntsiki Believes That ALL White People Are Racist

Ntsiki Believes That ALL White People Are Racist

Controversial media personality, Ntsiki Mazwai, is back at it again with her comments that have people riled up, and this time, she is attacking the white community as a whole. Giving not one-person leniency from her comment, Ntsiki captioned her Twitter video with, “I’m starting to think ALL white people are racist…”.

Her video saw accusing white South Africans of taking up space in mainstream platforms, which she claims rightfully belongs to the black community. She believes that have a woman citizen represent the majority is completely inaccurate and shows a sense of racism from those who believe that they belong in that position.

Ntsiki stated, “I don’t have a problem with white people creating their own spaces. It’s healthy for white people to have their own space. What I find toxic, unhealthy and racist is white people usurping mainstream platforms and thinking that they represent the majority. It makes no sense to me why a Steven Grootes should be on SA FM in the morning, it makes no sense to me why a Leanne Manas should be on Morning Live in the morning, when this country is BLACK dominated. If they at least spoke one African language, then it would make it a bit easier but for the fact that white people have usurped mainstream platforms that rightfully belong to the majority… speaks a lot about white supremacy, and white people thinking that they are not racist when they actually are.”

It’s no secret that Ntsiki has voiced her issues with Leanne Manas in the past, as she believes that her position as head presenter is completely unwarranted and should be given to a black person. Back in 2018, Ntsiki Mazwai sent out a scathing attack towards SABC news anchor – Leanne Manas. Ntsiki labelled the SABC news anchor as mediocre and also added that Leanne has the advantage of white privilege.

In a polite response, Leanne made it clear that she held no animosity towards Ntsiki and hopes that they can one day meet so that Ntsiki will be able to know Leanne better as a person and not because of the colour of her skin.

Thereafter, in 2019, Leanne celebrated 15 years on the SABC show, and Ntisiki was right there to rain on her parade. She tweeted, “No I don’t think Leanne Manna is amazing at her job- I think she is just white. And enjoying privilege. She can’t even speak indigenous languages. She is not African. Leanne is completely ignorant on black culture – this is straight white privilege in action.”

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