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Ntsiki Mazwai Drags Bonang

Ntsiki Mazwai Drags Bonang

Whilst social media is singing Bonang Matheba praises and applauding her latest major career move, Ntsiki Mazwai has decided to once again reign on her parade. The poet and musician took direct jabs at Bonang and questioned her ‘mogul’ status after the launch of her newest offering from her House of BNG range, the BNG Nectar.

Bonang’s new drink is expected to be summer’s newest refreshing drink, and is sure to be as successful as her previous products from her MCC range. In a social media post shared on the businesswoman stated, “Introducing, my new baby- BNG Nectar!! One of SA’s first true sparkling wines in a can… Get ready to turn ANY location, into an occasion!!”.

“Jc le roux recently launched champagne in a can…” Ntsiki tweeted, downplaying the hype surrounding Bonang’s recent launch.

Ntsiki has yet again questioned Bonang’s success and the true origins of House Of BNG, saying she is just the face of the brand and only collects portions of the profits, as she does not truly own it.

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Bonang is in a partnership with Woolworths and Ntsiki believes her over-hyped success is put on a pedestal because she only makes money for white people. “There is black success it’s just usually not the one hyped- the one hyped is making money for whites and put on a pedestal,” she tweeted.

The poet is not done with Bonang as she dedicated a few tweets at her and added that she has no real influence for a “media mogul.” She even took shots at celebs with flashy cars saying they do not own them but they are sponsored by large companies, also questioning how deep their pockets really are.

“That product belongs to some white dude. It had always been on the shelves and it was doing badly. Bonang is a Woolworths ambassador. And the whites rebranded. Sobona phambili,” she tweeted.

She also called Bonang out on her lack of assisting other entrepreneurs, instead she posts pics “with sunglasses and outfits.”

“It baffles me how you can be a business mogul but your contribution is posting pics in sunglasses and outfits…. But you never post entrepreneurial posts that a person in your position would. If the journey was real.”

“Whites will forever have us celebrating the black they have given the one crumb too… Not even the loaf of bread. And we clap and point to black excellence and tell ourselves not to be jealous of people who don’t even voken own the bread,” Ntsiki shared.

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