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Phume Will Not Be Giving Away A PS5!

Phume Will Not Be Giving Away A PS5

Mzansi’s favourite fitness bunnie and entrepreneur Phume, has won the hearts of many women in the country and is a sign of inspiration for them. Ever since Phume convinced South African men to twerk for a Playstation 5 console on Instagram, she has become a celebrity of note.

Despite men having Twerked their butts off, and being made fun of left, right and centre, Phume Tweeted that she has changed her mind. To the shook of many, it is because of the soon to be released iPhone 12.

“Angeke ngikwazi ukuthenga iPS5 ngingenayo iPhone 12 Pro. Ngiyaxolisa”

Phume even apologised when she Tweeted; “I will never be able to buy a PS5 but I don’t have an iPhone 12 Pro. I am sorry.” To the dismay of many and amusement of many more, Tweeps responded to her sudden change of mind.

“So practically they twerked for non”

“Bathong, sebetwerke kangaka abanye abantwana” (My gosh! After they already twerked so much.)

“I knew nje ukuthi ayikho le PS5… zinja zadunusela ubala, my Gender is taking L’s none STOP!” (I knew that there will be no PS5…my dawgs had their butts in the air for nothing)

When South African men took up Phume’s challenge, the entrepreneur dominated the Twitter trends list, and many hailed her for coming up with a unique idea to get the internet talking. There were firm favourites and some Kings were ready to risk it all and buy the PlayStation 5 themselves because they were serving face and body. But there were also contenders that gave their all for this lucrative prize, meanwhile, Amanda Black was visibly shaken and amused by the whole Twerkathon, while Simphiwe Dana decided to remind everyone how important it was that men felt free to Twerk.

Boity called for Phume to be declared President while Rouge the Rapper called her the GOAT for having the power to make grown men twerk online for her.
Soon afterwards #PhumeMustFall found itself trending on social media with a tweep saying that her actions on social media will soon have her twerking to make ends meet as her industry does not tolerate nonsense. Mmusi Maimane, Simphiwe Dana and several other personalities were not here for the calls for Phume to fall. Mmusi tweeted that no one should be fired for having light-hearted fun on their social media and if there should be any attempts Phume should let everyone know.

It seems like Phume Must Fall may be back again soon.

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