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Prince Kaybee Doesn’t Understand Integrity

Prince Kaybee Doesn’t Understand Integrity

Prince Kaybee has once again gotten on the wrong side of Tweeps after he seemed to not grasp the meaning of integrity and discipline. The DJ/producer innocently thought he was sharing some good news but instead his fans were not entertaining his weird explanations.

“Guys there’s this employee at a new company I’m trading with so I did some backround check on him. So at his previous Job he worked 25 years with no sick leave Talk about integrity and discipline, WHAT A MAN”

Clearly, Prince Kaybee has confused integrity for what it isn’t because tweeps reminded him that his definition was totally wrong. One Tweep said…

“Intergrity is choosing not to compromise your work ethics when you had a chance to and decide otherwise…. What you talking about isn’t integrity.”

To which Prince Kaybee disagreed…

“How ever you wanna understand it nana”

Things quickly took a turn, when tweeps raised suspicions that the man in question was actually involved in corruption at the company because he hasn’t taken leave in so many years.

“Corrupt people normally don’t take leave because they always want to be around and know what’s going on , im just saying”

“When you attend training for labour procedures, this is always highlighted as a sign of someone who is hiding something and that’s why they cannot be away from work.”

“Even from Internal Audit that is just a red flag and fraud alert nothing to be celebrated here”

“Ask any Auditor and they will tell you that Employees who never take leave are most likely to be stealing. It’s a red flag not something to be proud of.”

“Cuzzzie I worked for Accounting and Auditng firm, most cases when we did headcount and leave audit, such cases you find ppl the person cannot afford to be away from work, if you know what I mean.”

Some tweeps figured the person in question was from outside of South Africa and that they slaved away so as to prove their worth at the company.

“He must be.. Not from Mzansi. We all know people who force things. Even if they are sick, they rather die at work just to be considered as “hard workers, integrity & disciplined” I’m sure even the salary expectation was even lesser than that of your SA employees. If they are SA’s”

It seems that everyone agrees, people who refuse to take leave or be away from work are usually up to something bad at the company and they cannot risk being away, in order to avoid being caught.

Do you think Prince Kaybee should actually be careful of this dedicated employee?

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