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Skolopad Opens Up About Her Accident

Skolopad Opens Up About Her Accident

Singer Queen Skolopad has opened up about her struggles since her accident back in 2018.

Skolopad was involved in a car accident in September 2018. She said she has not been able to go out and socialize with people after her accident.

“Not because I was in pain or something but because I was ashamed of my sickness,” she explained.

She said she is still struggling with the changes she suffered following that accident. The singer said some people do not understand her condition.

“I had n still have a “mild Amnesia” after the car accident I had in 2018/09. I would see who you are but wouldn’t know your name which most people get offended by and it’s so embarrassing to explain that forgot who they are and hide it by saying it’s old age😔 some would accept it some would say kebo celeb botjena.”

She also added that she now can not smile with the right side of her face.

Skolopad said her uncle is her cheerleader. She thanked him for supporting her and encouraging her to be herself at all times.

“Now that I’m out there again I wouldn’t have been brave to do it alone but with a help of Malome Jonas and Tite Mofokeng on my side I am happy to be myself again,

“Malome Jonas will always YOUR FAIRNESS SHOULD BE YOUR BIGGEST DREAM, Rakgadi go out and be yourself lebo Maria Carry ntse banyesa le now,” she wrote.

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A few weeks ago, Skolpad announced that she has scored herself a big gig. She said she is the new CEO and presenter for Radio Way.

Sharing the exciting news on Instagram, Skolopad said: “Our show is every Wednesday from 6 pm to 6:30 pm together with @decent_viewphoto Malome Jonas who is also a manager and presenter at Radio way.

“Guys this radio is on Facebook follow and like the page ‘As we move with time’. The Radio is supported by local businesses and local brands.”

Skolopad said they aimed to make sure that people are entertained and coping better with stress and depression during the pandemic.

“As we update people about everybody’s business and brands. The radio way started on the 5th of July 2021 on Monday morning at 4 am the 8th day of 14 days South Africa Lockdown, we made it a point and make sure our fans get entertained to avoid stress and depression during Covid-19 lockdown,” she added.

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