The Fergusons Educate Their Staff About Sexual Harassment

The Fergusons Educate Their Staff About Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a serious issue in South African and the world over.

What we can say is that no one deserves to be abused! It is no secret that Botswana and Mzansi are one of the countries which are always at the forefront, in fighting the scourge of gender-based violence and sexual harassment. Many celebs have been using their social media accounts to create awareness with regard to these crimes.

Since the year had begun, there has been an increase in the levels of these crimes committed and this leaves one concerned. The Ferguson Films production company recently hosted a sexual harassment impact workshop on the set of The Queen Mzansi.

The workshop saw the cast and crew members sharing their thought on how sexual harassment can be ended and pledging that they will never commit the crime.

In a post shared by Swift SA Africa, they posted a snap of Connie and Shona with two other females and thanked them for hosting the workshop.

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