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The River’s Tumi Is Divorced, Widowed And Married At The Same Time

The River’s Tumi Is Divorced, Widowed And Married At The Same Time

Tumi is possibly Soapville’s most messed up character and she’s not even a villain. She divorced Zolani, killed Lindani, and married Mabutho all in 3 seasons, all before her 30th birthday.

She’s selfish, indecisive, and dark. We lost our favorite character; Malefu because of her stubborn tears. Fans of the show have even recommended she uses Vicks or onions so that she can cry, I mean have you see how the original Brooke Logan cries effortlessly?

We didn’t understand whether she was so cold and emotionless when the Doctor announced Lindani is bread dead because she doesn’t love him anymore or because she can’t act. Then she selfishly switched off the machines with Lindani’s family there.

How can she refer to herself as Lindani’s wife when she divorced him, killed him, and married Mabutho? I don’t see her relationship with Mabutho surviving this tragedy; it was all fun and games until Lindani died.

The worst part about this whole thing is that she wants the Dlhomo’s to treat her as their bride, not Mabutho’s bride but her late husbands. Why is she seeking sympathy and why does she want to play the victim now? She doesn’t need to pretend anymore, her true character and true intentions are out of the closet, she doesn’t need to sit on the mattress.
She’s become her mother’s daughter this season. The only difference is Lindiwe doesn’t change men like Tumi. Lindiwe kills and backstabs people for money and power whereas Tumi backstabs and kills men for greed and attention.

She suffers from ASD (Attention Seeking Disorder). Perhaps when her biological father; Mohumi comes back to Refilwe then she’ll stop dribbling man and get the love she needs from a father.

Is she culturally even allowed to be on the mattress after she divorced Lindani?

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