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Thickleeyonce Gets Blasted For Body Shaming

Thickleeyonce Gets Blasted For Body Shaming

Best known for her body-positive and outspoken character, Thickleeyonce has been a role model for plus-size women ever since she popped up onto the celebrity streets. Since then millions of Mzansi women have admired and looked up to her for her body-positive content, which seeks to challenge the status quo of plus-size women not being the ideal body type.

She is big, beautiful, confident and brave enough to let anyone know. Her confidence has landed her endorsements from major brands who are also trying to shift society’s view on plus-size women.

Thickleeyonce has worked with international brands like Savage X Fenty, lingerie line owned by Rihanna and has influencers such as Normani, Kehlani, Meg Thee Stallion and Christina Milan and Mzansi’s very own Thickleeyonce on its list.

She also had her contract renewed with internationally renowned clothing brand Calvin Klein, for the year 2020, earlier this year.

Unfortunately, in her quest to be body-positive and be the voice that drowns fat-shaming, the unapologetic model was exposed for body shaming skinny people. One Tweep exposed her by collecting a series of her Tweets from years ago, where she was clearly attacking skinny people.

When she was called out for her toxic behaviour, unfortunately, she refused to apologise and saw nothing wrong with her disrespect for skinny people.

This wasn’t very well accepted by Tweeps and she was soon trending on Twitter, here are some Tweets calling her behaviour out.

Her fans were shook by the defence of her Tweets, more especially since everyone stood up for her when Nasty C body-shamed her on his latest album release, Nasty C went on to apologise for his actions however and it was all water under the bridge.

Her old Tweets and her defending those Tweets led to a Twar between skinny people, who argued that they also face discrimination for being under-weight, so they also suffer. While on the other corner, plus-size people defended Thickleeyonce and said that skinny people can’t feel body-shamed because society accepts their body type in any case.

The third group of Tweeps argued that there is no need to body-shame anyone, everyone should be made comfortable in their own body and not attack another body type in the process.

It is clear that the big Sis will never change her views around this topic and no one can convince her otherwise, she will continue putting plus size women above everyone else and isn’t going to apologise for it.

Do you think Thickleeyonce is wrong for not apologising for her old Tweets?

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