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Watch: Pearl Thusi Impressive Twerking Skills

Pearl Thusi Impressive Twerking Skills

Pearl Thusi wears so many hats and like any good bottle of wine, it is becoming apparent that with time she is only learning how to wear them better.

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Fresh from making us grab our tissue as we read her touching message to her late mother. A message that was shared on what would have been her mother’s birthday; Pearl let it be known with her subsequent post that like her “Brown Skin Girl” squad, that she is nuanced and complicated, and cannot be boxed in. Simply put, “Queen Sono” in the past three days has shown that she is a mother, a daughter and now a woman embracing her body.

The latter is something that we have known for a while. Pearl has not been ashamed to tastefully showcase that her body is the girl that we all think it is. This is despite the leading lady of late complaining about getting her body back in time to start shooting season two of the first African original special, “Queen Sono.” Mama Pantha has gone and enrolled for pole dancing classes, and from the video she shared of her recent attendance; we not only learn that she is a fast learner, but that what she has to get back is her mind because there is nothing wrong with her body.

And it seems that that is not the only kind of dancing that Pearl can do. In her latest post, which we have teased enough, Pearl showcases a different kind of dancing skill. The video was met to promote the MAC X Pearl Twig lipstick from her specifically branded makeup kit. But the attention was definitely not on the lipstick, where it should have been. So before going to the video let us discuss the lipstick she is wearing in the video.

The lipstick on MAC’s website has a review of 5/5 stars. The top review states that “M.A.C products never ceases to amaze, winter has a less then desirable impact on my lips leaving them cracked and dry, a few applications of MAC lip glass in oyster girl, has left my lips soft and supple, a must have; for that less is more look.”

If the “less is more,” Pearl definitely did not get that memo when recording that video because that good sis gave it her all, and then some. Pearl first starts of cute while Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie,” featuring Wyclef Jean plays as her soundtrack. And as the video continue she proves that Mama Pantha knows how to assert that her lips do not lie so much so that the focus moved from the kit to just watching her twirl. Is it not a good thing Zalebs has got the 4-1-1 on the lipstick?

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