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[Watch] Yanga Chief And Riky Rick’s Teary Interview!

Yanga Chief And Riky Rick’s Teary Interview

Award-winning rapper Yanga Chief, left many shedding tears when he recently sat down on an interview with Riky Rick, on his powerful session Lab Live.

The rappers spoke about how the absence of their fathers has affected them. The interview highlighted Yanga’s big song uTatakho, his upbringing and winning the coveted South African Music Award (SAMA) recently.

Yanga kicked off the interview by paying his tribute to the late bra Bob Mabena who recently succumbed to a heart attack. Riky Rick who also lost his dad at a tender age, spoke about how losing him affected him, emphasizing that a child should never live without his or her parents.

“For me what always f*cked me up, I felt like I was a good kid and I felt like I was gonna get the time to get the attention from my older bro, I thought I would leave school, I was at boarding school so I couldn’t wait to get out and speak to my dad to hear stories of how he met with my mom, I never got to hear stories of boy find a woman like that treat a woman like that and when he passed on I was so angry so upset,” he said.

The rapper said he was depressed and he had suicidal thoughts. Speaking to Hip Hop Magazine, in 2017 the rapper said being a father taught him more about the importance of playing the father figure role.
“Becoming a father changed my life. Gave me a reason to keep fighting. I know I cannot correct the past but having my child by my side on this journey lets me know that there is always room for better days when you believe in God. It is only by his grace that we are still here. By no means am I a perfect person, sometimes my demons have a way tryna come back into my life but all I have to do is look at my son for proof that God is still with me.” he said.

Yanga who recently dedicated his SAMA award to his late father, opened up about how how his father left to Johannesburg for a while and did not come back. The rapper also reiterated how the father-figure role is important, saying he had to learn some of the things in life from his mom.

“There was a point where my dad came to Johannesburg and never came back, so from like 12 to 15 this nigga never came back. He came to Johannesburg and he called us on the first year and said it’s gonna be great in Jo’burg trust me you will go to this school. I’m setting it up boys and then Jo’burg just hit him, knocked him out and he sacrificed our relationship with him and then so now my story is so similar to him and I don’t want to escape it because, the person that I felt was more hard than me was my mom and my mom is the person who taught me not to speak like that about my dad always hold him in high regard continue his story.”

The interview got both rappers shedding tears.

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