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Zakes Rubs It In Black Coffee’s Face

Zakes Rubs It In Black Coffee’s Face

Zakes Bantwini continues to ignore Black Coffee after he dissed him and his predicted hit single Osama. The multi talented media personality Zakes Bantwini is not having any of Black Coffee’s shade as he continues to mind his own business and making music for his fans around the globe.

As pressure mounts for the DJ to release his highly anticipated summer song Osama, he has decided to give the people what they want. Initially he planned to release the single which he features Kasango on September 17 but due to public outcry, he has decided to release song on September 10.

Zakes debuted the song on Shimza’s recently launched Kunye music series where already established artists as well as new artists give Live performances, for the globe to witness.

After his performance, Zakes probably trended for the longest time since the start of his career as people wanted more of the song. Speaking about his disbelief over the frenzy he has caused he said, “I did not think that people would just love it instantly, I thought it was gonna grow with people until people wanted to hear it immediately, it surprised us.”

People around the globe have been vibing to the song, expect for his former good friend Black Coffee. He revealed why he would not be playing the song on any of his concerts, saying Zakes’ version of the song does not do it for him.

Nobody could figure out what Zakes’ motives were when he made that revelation but many outed him for being jealous of Zakes and his success. He did give the song the credit that it deserved though, but when a fan asked him if he would include it in any of his sets, he simply said, “It is nice but I won’t I still prefer the original.”

Following the backlash, Coffee clarified his stance with Zakes and said even though they agreed to never have a working relationship ever again, they are not beefing. “No there’s no conflict, we had our differences and both agreed not to have a working relationship anymore,” he said in a QnA.

Explaining what his problem with the song is, Black Coffee said that he wished people who created the “original” version could get their moment to shine. “We all doing our best to support each other and they don’t have a voice to cry out when such happens and I unfortunately can’t keep quiet someone has to say something. This particular song isn’t even out yet it’s just been played by DJ’s exclusively and now it’s here.”

Zakes shared all the countries that are vibing to his song, from countries like Spain, Portugal, England, Switzerland, and even Kenya. Fans are already worried that when the release date arrives, the country might just dive back into level 5!

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