Zoleka Mandela Shares When She Last Spoke To Her Mom

Zoleka Mandela Shares When She Last Spoke To Her Mom

Zoleka Mandela has shared the last moments she shared with her late mother Zindzi Mandela and it was a tearjerker for her followers. It has been two months since the passing of the icon and her daughter dedicated a post to her with a caption that captured many.

Breaking her two-month social media break, she revealed that it has been 11 months since she last spoke to her mother, two months before her death. Wishing that things were different, Zoleka said that she could love and appreciate her late mother better if she could turn back time.

“It’s been 11 months since we last spoke, two months since your passing … If I just had 1 more day with you, this time, I’d love you better,” her caption reads.

Zindzi lost her life at a Johannesburg hospital on the 13th of July and her cause of death has not been disclosed. This after her family confirmed that she tested positive for Covid-19.

It is no secret that Zoleka never had the best of relationship’s with her mother Zindzi, saying that her drug and alcohol addiction played a major part in their rocky relationship. Zoleka Mandela has been very candid about her past even spilling the details in her her memoir When Hope Whispers. She is a breast cancer survivor, and has battled drug addiction and sexual abuse.

Zoleka admitted that she started drinking alcohol when she was only 9 years old, “I had uncles who were buying alcohol, I used to steal cigarettes from my grandfathers bodyguards and I used to steal weed from a relatives pockets as a young girl.

“I started doing hard drugs at a later stage, there were times when I purchased drugs for myself but most of the drugs I used were from the men I dated, I dated drugs dealers and men who were also drug users,” she told Anele Mdoda.

In her comments section were people trying to comfort her with words.

“I’m literally crying. The pain of losing a mother is something we’ll never forget 😢 I pray that God grants you peace and happiness. Sending you love & light, mommy,” said Letoya Makhene.

“Wow babe. As a country we were so preoccupied that we couldn’t really take a moment to celebrate her life and mourn with you properly. Uxolo. Dudu,” Pearl Thusi commented.

“Oh God, why are people peeling onion everywhere. I’m bawling uncontrollably, please know that you are never alone,” said Criselda Kananda.

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