A Reece On Why He Didn’t Show Up At Nasty C’s Gig!

A Reece On Why He Didn’t Show Up At Nasty C’s Gig!

Yesterday, 02 November 2020, marked the first-ever episode of The Originators. A mini-series on Trace hosted by rapper Khuli Chana. His first ever guest was upcoming rapper A Reece and many of his fans were looking forward to the interview as he hardly does any interviews.

One question that the fans really needed clarity on was why didn’t he pull up to Nasty C’s Ivyson Tour and he got into the deets.

Here’s a quick recap. About a year ago, Nasty C invited A Reece to come to perform at his Ivyson tour and he gladly accepted the offer. However, Reece didn’t get on stage on the day and fans wondered why. The answer that Nasty C gave in his interviews was that he just didn’t pull through. However, after yesterday’s interview, things seem to have transpired differently, well, that’s according to the Pretoria-born rapper.

“What happened with the Ivyson tour was that I arrived late.” Explained Reece. But I told my booking manager to be like – yow.. Just tell that even if we late, tell them I could do one song. Even if Nasty is on stage. I’ll do one song while he’s there and I’ll get off. That’s it.”

However, it appears some people from Nasty’s camp didn’t gran A Reece his wish.
“I think that couldn’t happen. We were still at the party while everything was happening. One of the members of his staff that nothing can happen.”

He believes that the media made him look like the villain in this situation.
“I really didn’t intentionally not go there. The media made a frenzy out of this and it made me look a certain way, and especially to Nasty C.”

He maintains that he isn’t obliged to make things work with Nasty C. “But I can see why it looked like that. I don’t see any reason why I should go out and mend things with anyone, I don’t feel like I’m obliged to make things work. If things should work then they will work. in this.

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