AKA’s Iron Duke Gets Leaked

AKA’s Iron Duke Gets Leaked

South African rapper, AKA, is completely beside himself after his highly anticipated song, Iron Duke was leaked by DJ Kaymoworld. The track, which the Megacy had begged AKA to add to his upcoming album, Bhovamania, was allegedly given to the DJ to add to his set list after the album was released, and there was no intention of him sharing it with his followers on a random Thursday.

DJ Kaymoworld casually released the song on his social media pages, and it wasn’t long before AKA caught wind of what was going on. He immediately responded to the DJ’s tweet and called upon featured artist, Gemini Major to take responsibility for his friend, “Oh HELLLLLL NAWWWW!!!!! How can you leak this shit?! Without any shame dude. Smh. @GeminiMajor wassup with your mans?!?!”.

After a few minutes, the rapper calmed down and admitted defeat, sharing that his fans have finally been given what they wanted, despite it being done illegally. As the Megacy tried to assure him that he could still turn the unfortunate incident into a profitable one, AKA snapped back claiming that there really was not point trying. He stated, “Why the hell would I leak an unfinished song?? Does that even sound like me?!?!?!?!?! What am I supposed to do?!?! The shit is out now!!!!! Like WHAT MUST I DO NOW???? Worse part is that I gave the guy the record to PLAY IN HIS SETS!!!!!!!! Not to fucking leak!!!!!!”.

A Twitter investigation was then underway amongst his fans, who made it their mission to get to the bottom of the situation. Many began accusing SLIKOUR of being the original leaker, claiming to have heard it on an Instagram live the day before. AKA contested to the claims, stating, “I heard it on SLIKOUR’s insta live yesterday.”

Merely a few hours later, SLIKOUR released the single on his web page stating, “We’re just a week away from the official release of the long awaited BHOVAMANIA EP by the Supa Mega, AKA. And with that, came the news that the much anticipated single “Iron Duke” would NOT make it to the project. However, the universe would not let its children go unheard.”

The article was then retweeted by SONY Music South Africa, which further confused fans, who questioned if this was all part of an elaborate plan to bring attention to Bhovamania, or if they had acted quickly and got SLIKOUR to share the song on behalf of AKA.

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