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Anele Brought Into Kelly Roland’s Pregnancy Announcement

Anele Brought Into Kelly Roland’s Pregnancy Announcement

South African media personality, Anele Mdoda, has once again been thrust into the spotlight after Kelly Rowland shared her pregnancy announced, and tweeps are having a field day with it! Early today, 7 October 2020, Kelly Rowland shocked fans with a sudden announcement, revealing that she is well into her second pregnancy. Whilst most people do not see the correlation between the two, the Twitter streets were buzzing as tweeps pressured Anele to comment on Kelly’s news.

Many urged Anele to provide a snarky comment on her timeline, seeing as though she has become well aware that every time Kelly trends… so does she! This time, Anele has remained quiet, choosing to ignore the unnecessary comments, however that hasn’t stopped her followers from coming up with their own scenarios.

One of Kelly’s fans commented on her announcement post with, “Do we need to call Anele on this one as well?”, to which someone else added, “Yes because Kelly is about to give birth to another beautiful dark skin baby that Anele said is(like the mom) ugly.”

The Anele-Kelly drama began way back in October 2019, when media personality, Sizwe Dhlomo, rated Kelly Rowland as the best looking member of Destiny’s Child. “Kelly Rowland could lowkey be the best looking one in DC…” he wrote. Anele then weighed in on the this opinion saying: ” Kelly looks amazing with makeup. Take that make up off then it’s tickets. I have receipts.” The radio personality went on to present a picture of a Kelly Rowland with makeup and one without.

Her comments were not well received and black twitter and American twitter made sure to make sure she knew. Anele’s comments landed her the centre of quite the social media drag moment but she stood her ground and remained unshaken.

The 947 Joburg Breakfast Club host is never one to let a few comments on social media get to her and is known to be quite the clap back queen on the timeline. In August 2020, Anele shared a WhatsApp screengrab of a conversation, where a person said “If only Kelly Rowland “fans” were as obsessed with her as much as they’re obsessed with you neh”.

Anele’s comments caused for Kelly’s fandom to question her take on dark skinned women, and began accusing her of shaming a strong, successful woman for showing off her natural beauty.

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