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Ayanda Thabethe Dragged

Ayanda Thabethe Dragged

TV presenter Ayanda Thabethe has been dragged on Twitter for sharing that she has been privileged enough to go to her holiday home during the ongoing unrest in the country.

In a now-deleted tweet, Ayanda said: “Grateful to be in the privileged opportunity to escape the madness to our holiday home. Figuring out how to get food to my family is what’s weighing heavily on my heart. I am going to need to do this till things till things are okay and who knows how long that will take…”

Indirectly responding to Ayanda’s tweet, award-winning author Jackie Phamotse said people should not be entitled to other people’s assets. She tweeted: “OUR” is just a loose word. Well, it’s certainly not yours legally! Your just a visitor. Just like the last visitor who was in the same holiday home not so long ago. Can we not be entitled to peoples assets. Enjoy…but watch your tongue.”

Here are more reactions to Ayanda’s tweet.

@moe_suttle said he hates that Ayanda always talks about her privileges on social media.

“I f*cking hate a person that shoves their privilege in the faces of the poor and that’s what Ayanda Thabethe loves doing. She always takes the time to remind us how privileged she is and how lucky she is that she went from being a receptionist to being who she is today. Boring.”

@bossladyMsibi tweeted that Ayanda’s timing is wrong as a lot is happening right now.

“Ayanda Thabethe is the reason why I believe that rich people should stay away from social media during these times. We are happy for them but we are sensitive right now, life is excessively unkind to the majority of us. Yo”

A few days ago Ayanda and Denise Zimba proved that they have finally buried the hatchet after Denise made a comment on TV saying that Ayanda is not talented.

Denise tweeted that she called Ayanda and apologised, Ayanda also reacted to Denise’s tweet with a love emoji.

Her tweet read: “One person I contacted.. @AyandaThabethe. As much as I had an opinion about what I was asked about her, I could have managed that differently. I messaged her to apologize, and understood how my reaction could affected her at the time.

“Always graceful and peaceful she replied… and so much love and understanding. There are however many other feelings I have had about many things, and will still stand by them. But as much as my intent was not malicious, it had an affect … and for that I do apologize.”

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