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Blood and Water Star Thabang Molaba Opens Up About Therapy

Blood and Water Star Thabang Molaba Opens Up About Therapy

TV actor and model Thabang Molaba has let us in on attending therapy for three months and what that did for him as he reflects on the journey he has been going through.

Thabang took to Instagram to reflect on this, he said, “Uncomfortable growth. I started this year with an emotionally compelling reason to begin Therapy. 3 months of therapy, inner work, a life coach, daily action, self-improvement videos and books later…

“I’ve experienced drastically immense growth, happiness and understanding, not only of myself but about life in general. I’ve stopped operating from a fearful state, people pleasing, playing it safe and merely surviving.

“I’ve tapped into my healthy divine masculine and have started operating from a state of abundance, being decisive, intentionally creating my life, and going for what I want as long as it doesn’t inflict pain or hurt on anybody. From that, I am and I will be thriving. I’ve never been better. I’ve never been happier

“Some days still suck, but I understand that it is all part of the process and what matters is that the dominant emotion in my life right now, is happiness. Still so much work to do but I’m loving this here beautiful process and I’m embracing the difficult challenge of becoming a better version of myself

“When you lead in your personal life as a man, which means taking your cup, healing all the cracks, patching them up and then filling it up, you can lead in other life aspects as well. You fill up your cup so much that it spills over your surrounding areas of life like family, career, finance, friendships and lastly relationships.

“And as a man, I personally think that admitting that you need therapy and healing is the most difficult step of the entire process. And I still faced that step took the f* out of it. I am so proud of myself. Here’s to more celebrations”.

Thabang is currently taking a much needed break in the Maldives and we can see that he is having the time of his life.

Blood and Water season 2 wrapped production in March this year and we cannot wait to see Thabang as KB and all the drama filled moments that kept us glued on our screens on season 1.

The brand new season will be returning with some changes including new characters who will be joining the Blood and Water cast when the series returns for a new season later this year.

Joining the cast is fresh face Leroy Siyafa, who plays Sam – a new love interest mixing things up in the Parkhurst after school scene. We are certain that he will be breaking hearts off the camera, but we will have to tune in to find out if he breaks any on-screen.

We will also get to know Reece (played by Greteli Fincham) a little better in season two and will be introduced to two of her new friends, Pauline and Zayd, played by Katishcka Chanderlal and Alzavia Abrahams. We’ll watch these three get up to no good, and have a great time doing so but the question is, will they get caught out?

Who else is ready for season 2 because we most definitely are.

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