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Cassper Give Credits To All Those Who Helped Make #AMN

Cassper Give Credits To All Those Who Helped Make #AMN

Award-winning musician, Cassper Nyovest, has publicly acknowledged all the musicians who have helped create the masterpiece that is his fifth studio album, Any Minute Now. In a tweet on Tuesday, 22 September 2020, the rapper shared the Production Credit Booklist, which named every single writer and producer on each song.

Fans praised Cass for giving credit where it was due, with one Tweep stating, “Thanks for crediting everyone on it …… I feel like everyone doing an album should do this.”, to which he responded with, “They won’t cause they don’t want people to know that they don’t write their own songs. They wanna be praised for other people’s talents and skill.”

Cassper featured as the producer on all of his songs, leading some to question his definition of “producer”, and if it just meant that he oversaw everything. He stated, “I make beats. I compose music. I’m an actual producer. I produced a lot of the album. Me and Alie.” He also confirmed that he had written every word of his verses, further emphasising the magnitude of his talent.

As the questions began rolling in, Cassper noticed the assumptions that were also swirling around in the Twitterverse. Some accused him of incorrectly crediting himself in some aspects of his album, as he didn’t have the capacity to do all that he claimed to have done. As arguments broke out in his comment section, Cass interjected with, “How can people argue all day about things they have no knowledge of? If I don’t have the knowledge, its either I ask or I keep quiet. The worst part about arguing when you don’t have the knowledge is that you’re missing an opportunity to learn. YOU MUST AKSSSS!!!”.

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