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Cassper Slammed For ‘Making Mpura’s Death About Him’

Cassper Slammed For ‘Making Mpura’s Death About Him’

Being a celebrity sometimes has it’s negative perks because everything that is often said, gets taken out of context. This is what happened to Cassper Nyovest who tweeted that he had some big news to share to his fans, but could not do so due to the RIPs that have been circulating all over social media.

The rapper saw that it would have been insensitive to continue sharing his big news, on his big day when the music industry suffered a heavy loss. Yesterday fans were shocked when news of Mpura and Killer Kau’s death. The Amapiano musos were involved in a fatal car accident.

The car crash allegedly took the lives of 6 people. This according to Phil Mphela who said that two people from the car crash are yet to be identified. It is also believed that five people were pronounced dead on scene when the head on collision happened and the driver of the other car being the 6th person.

“5 people died in the accident that took the lives of Mpura, Killer Kau & Khanya. 2 other deceased people in the car have not been identified, according to the call I got. If you know who was in the car, please contact Marikana Police station,” he updated his followers.

He also said that a woman is in hospital and the two who still need to be identified are men, “One lady is in hospital. 2 males need to be identified,” wrote Phil.

The musos who made a great impact in the Amapiano genre were on their way to a gig but sadly never made it.

Cassper Nyovest was excited for August 9 as he was ready to share some exciting news to his fans. When news broke, he said he had to postpone as he was grieving with everyone.

“Today was supposed to be such a dope day for me. It turned into such a heavy day with the loss of such young talented gents. We shall resume tomorrow,” he wrote.

However, Cassper got slammed for apparently making the day about him. Many preferred that he had just sent his heartfelt condolences instead.

Cassper acknowledged the tweets defending him and he also went on to clarify what he meant. He believes the hate for him clouds people’s judgements that they find fault in everything he says.

“It’s not misunderstood. It’s deliberately done. That’s why I don’t give a f*ck anymore. People can talk away. Mar**e a bone botlhe. Nna I do as I feel and it always comes from a good place. The rest can jump in pool full of sharks. Only God can judge me,” an angry Cassper said.

Prince Kaybee also caught some smoke when he made an “insensitive” comment about how somethings are not always supposed to happen, but they do anyway as they are man made. In other words, Prince insinuates that their deaths were maybe not meant to happen, but it was man made. He advised people to take care of their lives and be responsible.

“It doesn’t mean if it happened it was meant to happen, we need to ANTICIPATE HARM!!! Most things are man made so you influence your destiny in many ways thats why prevention is CHIEF!” he wrote.

He caught some heat for that as many tweeps though Kaybee was putting the blame on them for their deaths. Prince trended for that but many people are coming to his defense.

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