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Claire Mawisa Struggled For 16 Years

Claire Mawisa Struggled For 16 Years

TV personality Claire Mawisa has opened up on her struggle with her hair that lasted for 16 full years.

Claire took to Instagram to pen everyone’s struggle. She said, “When I started my loc journey 16 years ago, I wanted to find out how to take care of my hair, but I struggled to find images of black women with locs online (even now, when you google “dreadlocks” images, it’s mostly celebs with faux locs or white people)

“It baffled me! I was like, “but how?!” I also struggled to find hair care products, salons that would treat & know how to style my hair or even people that supported the natural hair route. thankfully a lot of that has changed, but for many, the struggle continues.

“Nowadays I make it a point to regularly upload pictures with no other purpose than to just show off my hair 😂Please share your dreadlocks salon in the comments: the name, the insta handle and where it is located, so that we can help each other out!”

People had a lot to say about this, these were some of their reactions:

@djsbulive said, “First time trying locks in my life and Jabu Stone got me. 2 years now and we growing quite well. To 16 years…”

@kemaseka said, “I find people with locs don’t really want to share loctician details 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️. I struggled to find the right one because my scalp is sensitive and needed “soft hands”. I travel 2.5 hours to get my hair done by this particular person. Unfortunately he is not on social media”

@stephselepe said, “It’s not easy finding the right place, I’ve always done my own hair from day one”

@zamaswazishozi said, “I do my hair @phakamanisibiya, I’m in Durban, he is located at corner of Smith Street and Russell Street, been doing my hair here for 5yrs now. I love how they know me, I don’t even have to say what I want, they are also open to new styles, like when I saw the pipecleaners on your handle @clairemawisa and asked them to do it for me, they did a magnificent job 🙌. You might not know this but you inspire most of us sis❤️ thank you”

@missowling said, “I just moved to Nelspruit and I am struggling to find a salon where I can have my dreadlocks done. Someone please help 😫😩😭”

@jaynehewison said, “I love you with dreads. The others were curly and also cool. Love these. But you are a stunning woman anyway. Thanks for sharing 👏❤️”

@ntebalengm said, “The thing is they don’t wanna believe that our hair can be longer and accept it is naturally beautiful”

@keboingotlo_gill said, “Yho now this is a real struggle 😢😢. Its worse for us in small towns, I’ve had mine for 11 years and I must say I still struggle to find one here in Kimberley. Your hair has always been goals my dear 😍😍”

One thing about dreadlocks, they are always come to the party. So stunning.

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