EntleD: Music Will Not Swallow Me

EntleD: Music Will Not Swallow Me

Remember former YoTV presenter Entle Dambuza? Well, she is making a huge comeback with her music career and Youtube Channel. We know what you are thinking and yes we have listened to her music. We were just as surprised as you probably are, but her music is way too dope fam! We recently had a chat with her about her new music career, her gospel ministry and her future plans in the entertainment industry.

EntleD as she is now affectionately known, was thrust into the spotlight when she bagged a gig as one of the first YoTV presenters on SABC1. Although she fell off the radar a few years ago, she is back and is focusing on her other love, music. She reveals that music is not a passing phase but something that she has always wanted to explore.

“Making music was always in my heart ever since I was little, it is not something l decided. I never wanted to make my own music though, I wanted to do it for other people”

Which could be why it took her a while to do anything about her amazing talent. Her husband who is a producer and a DJ, Gundi The Producer gave her a much needed push in the right direction.

“My husband a producer, a DJ and undercover vocalist, after getting tired of having me sing all day around the house, he was like, you know what, let’s record something and see what happens”

The star was clearly ready to make a mark because she is busy working on a seven song EP, titled VII (7). She has already released the first two singles.

“I’m working on an EP with 7 songs. The first song is Who Is Jesus? The second song is Lomhlengi. For the first song I read from the Bible over a beat. I just found myself there because I didn’t want to taint the word of God.

The second song is a bit different. I didn’t want it to be too preachy. God told me to be a fisher of men meaning I cannot go to the club and be preachy this is my way of saying Jesus loves you as you are, I have my arms open to everyone”

“The festive season is around the corner, so l sang it over a gqom beat. I wanted something that appeals to the younger generation, I hope parents buy these songs for their kids.”

On the type of music she plans on making, EntleD is sticking to Gospel for now but is open to other genres when collaborating with other artists. Not just regular mainstream gospel though, she will be using her music to actively minister the word of God.

“I am mainly focusing on gospel but the conventional one, I also have something coming with a little bit of reggae. Nobody is doing what I am doing in the industry. No one is actively ministering the word or doing the type of house that I am doing or the type of work that I’m doing for God through song.”

EntleD is quick to dispel any assumptions that she is in it for the fame, her first priority is her calling and relationship with God.

“I want to believe I am not here for clout or follows. I am here to minister the Word of God. The Bible says seek ye first the kingdom of God. My Day starts with God and ends with God that’s a must. Music cannot swallow me”

What’s next for EntleD, you ask? You can expect to see a lot more of her on her Youtube channel, she also shooting the video of LoMhlengi this past weekend at Prayercity Holy Land which promises will be a dance extravaganza.

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