Lebohang Keswa shares lobola journey for fiancée Letoya Makhene

Lebohang Keswa shares lobola journey for fiancée Letoya Makhene

Although same-sex marriages have been legal in South Africa for over a decade now, many people, especially the elderly are still finding it difficult to comprehend.

This is what businesswoman, Lebohang Keswa, experienced recently with her family.

Fortunately, she was able to win their stamp of approval.

This comes after Keswa had gone down on one knee and asked “Generation: The Legacy” actress Letoya Makhene for her hand in marriage a few weeks ago.

In her recent Instagram post, Keswa shared how she was interrogated by her family when revealed her intentions to marry “another woman.”

She shared a photograph of herself, sitting with her uncle, in what looked like a tense meeting at a diner, and she explains how the meeting went.

She wrote: “This is my uncle and he’s one of two remaining eldest uncles we have in the family. On this day I had asked him for a meeting and told him I want to get married. I have never been this interrogated in my life.”

She continued explaining she used the opportunity to educate her elderly uncle about her own sexuality, who thought same-sex marriages were things that are only done in movies.

“Just imagine me trying to explain to him that I want to marry another Woman🤦🏾‍♀️. He learnt a lot about sexuality and my choices in life. He said he’s only ever seen these things on TV but now it was very close to home and he embraces it🙏🏾.”

In another post, Keswa is seen embracing her soon-to-be father in law, music icon, Blondie Makhene.

In the post, Keswa explained that she had asked Makhene for his permission to marry his daughter and she’s thrilled she managed to fulfil the promise.

She said: “On this day a few months back I had a chat with Mkhulu @realblondiemakhene and told him very soon I will do the right thing and Honour him🙏🏾. And I have now kept that promise👏🏾👏🏾❤️.

In October, Keswa shared a cute video of her asking Makhene to marry her during a hot-air balloon ride.

“Letoya, will you marry me?” read a poster printed in big, bold, white letters.

While Makhene stood facing the poster, Keswa hugged her from behind before going down on one knee and popped the question.

Visibly shocked and excited, Makhene is seen struggling to fight back tears as she said, “Yes!”

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SHE SAID YES💍💍💍😍😍😍🌈🌈🌈

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Keswa and Makhene went public with the relationship in April and, despite some backlash and homophobic attacks, it seems love is winning for this Mzansi couple.

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