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Pearl Thusi Details Traumatic Experience

Pearl Thusi Details Traumatic Experience

South African television star, Pearl Thusi has taken to social media to vent. This follows experiences she had to deal with at ‘groove.’

“I don’t want to Vape. I want to smoke my hubbly in peace. Peace! Ninjas, why are you smoking a b..tch’s hubbly. Why? Get your own hubbly. Then you forget. A whole grown man with a camera smoking hubbly. What are you doing?”

Pearl was not impressed by men who keep asking for her hubbly at groove. The only people she is prepared to share it with is her friends.

“I’m here for ninjas who want to feel like bad b…tches, but can it please not be mu hubbly. Now I’m staring at you like I have nothing better to do. Waiting for you to block the other side. Waiting for you to be done with your video and waiting for you to order your own hubbly. Guys, if you know ninjas who are obsessed with this can you please talk to them.

“I’m not trying to do this thing anymore; I’m exhausted Please spread the word. If you must have hubbly, please avoid Pearl’s hubbly. Sharing not caring. No, I don’t want to share my hubbly, if you are not Thabsie, Nomuzi, Yolanda, Zinhle. If you are not someone I like, leave my drinks, leave my bottles, leave my table and leave my hubbly. I’m not your friend, go away.”

The Queen Sono star then went on to add that we should not be sharing hubblys in this pandemic.

“On a very serious note guys. Apart from the fact that there is a pandemic. We should not be sharing hubblys or anything else that touches your mouth for that matter. Seriously one, ninjas. Stop hogging the hubbly. Stop sharing hubbly with girls. And then if you had to take a video, get your own hubbly. So that with your own hubbly. And then, don’t go to the club thinking you are going to sit with someone. And if you are. You better have money for your bottle. You better have a situation for your other b…tches. Now, why must I now carry a whole crew? I don’t want to carry your entire crew. It’s not what I came here for. I’ve got my own crew to deal with. “

She then addressed the ladies who came to sit in her section at the club.

“The thing about the girls happened to me and if you’re watching this – I actually don’t care. I don’t have your number firstly, so I can’t call you and be like I hate you for what you did to me this weekend.

“I’m telling the whole world, don’t you ever bring you and your girls to my table. Not unless I know you like that. Drinking my ish. Did this girl not vomit into the bucket? I had a very traumatic weekend. I was very traumatized. This girl vomited into the bucket. The one who didn’t want to leave because she is the sister of the girl that actually asked to sit with me. I thought it was just two of them and I didn’t want to be mean you know. Then there were three other girls now suddenly there.” Said the actress in part.

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