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Prince Kaybee Keeps Opening Up The Industry

Prince Kaybee Keeps Opening Up The Industry

If there is one thing that is lacking in the South African entertainment industry, it is fresh, new talent to captivate the masses. It’s no question that we have talented artists but it is always the same faces that we are accustomed to for years, either on tv, on the radio or on Social Media.

It seems like Prince Kaybee is the only artist on a mission to bring change to the industry. According to Prince Kaybee’s Tweet, he has once again found another up-and-coming artist to work with him on a song, he is ready to fly her to South Africa and start recording.

“A month ago I uploaded a video making a beat, today a Kenyan lady uploaded the same beat but with her vocals on. I’M BLOWN I’M BLOWN AWAY, she just bagged a feature with me. Lets fly her up. Her name is @PaulineWendo”

Being no stranger to working with fresh talent, just this month, he released the Project Hope album that he had been working on with 9 female vocalists. The producer/DJ had been busy for quite some time with nine aspiring musicians he chose, Thembisile Q, Thalitha, Bridgette Vocalist, Thobile Ngidi, Katz the Singr, Ruby Rose, LaNeo, Sanda, Basetsana and Nosipho Sibisi. Each of the singers recorded a song with the DJ in his quest to open up the music industry.

Prince Kaybee started this project with the intention of creating a platform for aspiring singers to showcase their vocal abilities to a wider audience. The album has been curated for the young women to have an opportunity to break into the difficult music industry and showcase their talents.

The album has run away hits like “Tlogela Mapiano,” with Ruby Rose, “Indonda” with Thembisile Q, and his strongest fighter, “Yehla Moya” with Thalitha. The song not only is the first track on the album, but it is also the song that party goers have gravitated towards with the release of the album.

After launching the Project Hope initiative, the DJ, no more than a week later started the Producer Challenge. Prince Kaybee started this initiative due to lack of opportunities for producers in the entertainment industry, he came to this realisation after the success of his first project, called Project Hope.

Due to the success of the initial Producer Challenge, Prince Kaybee announced a second leg of the Producer Challenge, which will offer the same exposure as Project Hope, unfortunately, any prizes. His followers appreciated the gesture nonetheless.

We wish more artists did what the DJ/producer is doing, especially in these tough financial times.

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