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Prince Kaybee takes aim at entertainers who have ‘zero talent’

Prince Kaybee takes aim at entertainers who have ‘zero talent’

Prince Kaybee has taken aim at people in the entertainment industry have ‘zero talent’.

The DJ and music producer said that the industry prioritises popularity and trending on the internet, rather than celebrating true, raw talent.

Taking to social media, the hitmaker did not mince his words when he shared his thoughts.

“It’s called the entertainment industry not the talent industry, that’s why sometimes the talented don’t trend and those who are entertaining with zero talent trend.

“You can entertain people by being super talented same way that you can entertain by lacking talent,” he tweeted.

Naturally, his comments set Twitter ablaze.

Though some agreed with the star about the supposed “trends” industry, one user said the ability to entertain others is a talent in itself.

However, the Hosh star disagreed, saying that society needs to put some premium on the talent of those who have proven themselves.

“What a horrific train of thought mate, we really need to give talent some respect hey.

““My babygirl speaks funny because she’s an infant, that’s entertaining, is that a talent?,” Kaybee asked.

Earlier this year, Kaybee got tongues wagging with his comments on respecting celebrities.

The hitmaker reminded fans that celebrities had no power over them and that there was no need to respect them.

“Celebrities hold no power over you, no need to respect them if there’s no personal encounter for them to earn your respect because someone would donate to charity and still abuse women.

“Just appreciate talent and move because you don’t know what happens behind closed doors,” wrote Kaybee.

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