Rami Chuene Has 1652 Reasons Why She Hates This Outfit

Rami Chuene Has 1652 Reasons Why She Hates This Outfit

TGOM, as she is affectionately known in the entertainment industry, Is one feisty woman with a sense of humour. She never shies away from being controversial or speaking her mind at any given point.

This is why her latest Tweet about a boere outfit wasn’t surprising.

After a Tweep fell in love with a cute boere baby outfit and proceed to call it “nunus”, Rami didn’t even want to entertain it, she made sure her feelings were known and didn’t mince her words about it.

“No. Never. Never in a million years and I can easily give you 1652 reasons.”

Rami Chuene made reference to the number 1652 as the number of reasons why she hated the outfit and those who know South African history will know that the first white settlers arrived in South Africa on that date. The cute baby outfit is also regalia usually worn by boere, Afrikaans for farmers and has become a symbol of their future in the country. Many of her fans understood the joke and reference while agreeing with her that they also wouldn’t dare put on the outfit.

“Ngwana wa van wyk can wear that whike watering the veggies at the farm”

“1652 reasons Three of them are named Dromedaris, Rejiger and De Goede Hoop”

“They look scary like some terrorist scarecrow or sumthin”

“Bloody hell I will burn those things if found them in my house”

Some Tweeps, however, didn’t find it funny and even missed the joke, now ba painelwa.

“This are just pieces of fabric, it has nothing do with whites… People will end up not driving off road cars and live in luxury house because most whites own them. Imagine saying never in million years for money because vantoder has money… Your mentality if fucked up.”

“Yep. Only a loincloth and sagging sunburnt mammary glands are more applicable.”

Rami Chuene has never been shy to share her views, whether her audience agrees or not, TGOM will always speak her mind. That same energy might have been the same that got her axed from The Queen Mzansi. She may have been axed for sharing her views and sub-Tweeting the Fergusons but the truth and facts will always come first to her. Gender-based violence, the Police Minister, the President or the toxic entertainment industry, she has no fear nor favour.

Even though she Tweeted this as a joke, do you think some Tweeps are justified to be offended?

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