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Rapulana Impregnated Girlfriend, Calls It Quits With Zoe

Rapulana Impregnated Girlfriend, Calls It Quits With Zoe

More details have emerged with regards to Zoe Mthiyane and Rapulana Seiphemo’s failed relationship. Daily Sun has reported that the other woman Rapulana is dating is Mfundi Vundla’s granddaughter Zandile Tshukulu and they allegedly have a baby together.

Zandile works in administration at the popular Generations: The Legacy’s office and has been romantically involved with Rapulana, who played Tau Mogale on the soap. Things got tricky because Rapulana was also involved with Zoe Mthiyane who played Zitha Langa. Their relationship got very toxic and Zoe turned to a bottle to numb the pain.

To make matters worse for the actress, Rapulana and Zandile have a one-month old baby, and according to the publication, the pregnancy allegedly came about whilst Zoe and Rapulana were dating. It was also revealed that Rapulana ended things with Zoe to pursue something else with Zandile. This turned Zoe Mthiyane’s life upside down and was working in a very toxic environment.

“Zandile works in the admin office of her grandfather’s company and has been dating Rapulana for a while. Since he called it quits with Zoe, they’ve been inseparable,” a source told Daily Sun.

The source claims that the environment at the company is very tense as people do not speak on the matter because they want to keep their jobs. It is even said that Zandile flaunts her relationship with Rapulana because they have a baby now.

“People in the Generations office tiptoe around the fact that Zandile and Rapulana are a couple. Obviously, they want to keep their jobs. She’s the granddaughter of their boss, so they respect that. But Zandile isn’t hiding the relationship, especially now that she’s had a baby with him,” they said.

Having distanced herself even further from Rapulana and his drama, Zoe told the publication that she does not want to be drawn into people’s drama.

Mfundi Vundla told the publication that what his granddaughter and Rapulana’s relationship is not his concern.

These revelations could possibly give a clearer image as to why was Zoe axed from the soapie. Sunday World reported that Zoe collapsed on set due to the bullying she suffered at the hands of her ex Rapulana Seiphemo’s girlfriend. She said the producers fired her a few days after she collapsed on set. Emotional fatigue and bullying were the main reasons for her collapsing.

The paper also reveals that three ‘very influential’ female cast members, were horrible towards her bullied her as per their ‘friends’ instructions. The friend being Rapulana’s lover. They made her work very difficult and all of that took it’s toll on her. They ill-treated her hoping that she would eventually leave at her own accord.

Seeing that she is not prepared to leave, Zoe said a number of people created lies against her one of them being that she went to set intoxicated. Zoe denied that she ever went to work drunk.

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