Should Mihlali Stop With The Makeup Tutorials?

Should Mihlali Stop With The Makeup Tutorials?

Mihlali Ndamase took to her favorite platform, or we think it is; Twitter to gage whether her content is still hitting the marks it used to hit, especially her makeup tutorials.

The star in recent weeks has been struggling with balancing life and video creation. Before coming back to YouTube with her latest videos, the good sis had taken over four weeks since having posted anything on the channel. Fans of her channel definitely love a girl that wins on all fronts but the ask was that Mihlali should not forget the cornerstone of what gave rise to her success.

But the vlog which was the last post on the channel before her sabbatical seems to have highlighted a situation, which only became apparent to Mihlali when she returned with the latest videos on the channel. The vlog has to date accumulated over 189 000 views. The post before that, which was a hilarious “Sip or Spill” video, featuring friend and fellow influencer, Tebogo “Tebby” Leburu currently sits with over 215 000 views on the channel.

These numbers are the norm for Mihlali that currently sits with over 278 000 subscribers on the popular channel, when the original “Tsi” fails to pass the 100 000 views marks then there is trouble. This is an occurrence that has been happening on her channel of late. Well, maybe not even of late but for the past six months that been the trend.

All of the makeup and wig reviews that were purely focused on these matters since April when she posted the “Victoria’s Wig Review and One Makeup Brand Tutorial,” it has been kiss-goodbye-to-100k-views if it is a makeup tutorial. The aforementioned viewed scored over 72 000 views, which was not bad. Because her lowest of the lows when it comes the videos was the 56 0000 views on the “Essence Epic Sunset Eyeshadow Palette, Makeup Challenge and Giveaway” video. The highest one is 2 000 views away from breaking the 100k seal, and that is the “Full Face Of First Impressions and Glossy Lid Tutorial.”

Realising what was going on, Mihlali asked the question on Twitter and despite the stans that said that as long as she is posting they are happy. There were stans that served truth, and that is trends and YouTuber channels and the manner they deliver content has changed. Following the lockdown, getting a beat face was not giving-the-people-what-they-want; but giving a tutorial while spilling tea or shade and a little insight into the YouTubers life is the content that people are dying to see. Now we wait to see if Mihlali will do the things or not.

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