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You Promised To Marry Me Delivers

You Promised To Marry Me Delivers

Since being released from prison, the former rapper turned popular tv personality, Jub Jub has managed to steer his once disastrous life into a success. Many doubted that he would ever make it this far, let alone be a household name after his release but he did exactly that. Since his remarkable comeback to the entertainment industry, Jub Jub has managed to host one of the most popular shows in the country. Uyajola 9/9 is a local spin-off of America’s, Cheaters, which aired on Moja Love every Sunday but since the show’s last episode last weekend, the controversial rapper/media personality has decided to bring us “You Promised To Marry Me”.

The first episode aired last night, and it had the whole of Mzansi buzzing.

Twitter personality, Tumi Sole warned Tweeps about the drama-filled show a few days ago, then just before the premiere, Lasizwe reminded fans to not miss out on the drama.

“You Promised To Marry Me” is about women who are sick and tired of waiting for their chance to walk down the aisle and women who never got to experience the wedding of their dreams because their man never delivered or their dream wedding all because the fiance decided otherwise.

Judging from the responses, fans are loving the show already and they can’t seem to figure out where Jub Jub gets the courage to host such potentially dangerous shows in Mzansi. One Tweep even referred to him as an unpeaceful person.

It is no doubt, however, that a majority of Mzansi is enjoying the show, even Somizi, who loves Jub Jub and drama Tweeted about the show and even went as far as calling it “Uyajola 99” reloaded.

Jub Jub managed to interrupt a wedding by bringing another lady, who was promised marriage to the ceremony…the aggrieved bride came demanding to be married and even arrived with her own bridesmaids. It was just scenes all around. It seems Jub Jub knows how to cause drama and suspense because everyone was at the edge of their seats.

Even the poor bride-to-be that went to the show to seek marriage was humiliated and laughed at by her own brides-maids. If there is anything to learn from the show it is that you shouldn’t embarrass yourself or your family to that extent just for the sake of getting married.

Would you write to “You Promised To Marry Me?”

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