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Bonnie Mbuli Says Self Love Is Clumsy AF

Bonnie Mbuli Says Self Love Is Clumsy AF

Actress and TV presenter Bonnie Mbuli has taken to Instagram to let it be known that she has been obsessed with the idea of being loved by someone else for the longest time.

She said, “I’ve been fixated with the idea of being loved by someone else completely and I assumed it would meet every need, for the longest time though, when no matter how much I was loved,

“There was always a fault to find, something missing , a critique to add to my wall of protection, yet the more I sought it , the more elusive it became. BUT the gag is that the most complete love is the one my soul was longing to give to myself,

“That moment when you acknowledge your fear, feel your accumulated pain and interrogate your inadequacy and still decide that you’re worth routing for, fighting for and being patient with and turning that into a mindful daily practice? Come on ‘non Also…self love is clumsy AF but listen…that is LOVE”

It seems Bonnie has opened up a flood of emotions for a lot of on Instagram. These were some of their reactions:

@thesusanakennedy said, “This is one of the truest things anyone will ever read. Thank you for sharing Queen”

@tumilola said, “People keep saying “love yourself”. I do! But I want to be loved by someone else as well 😅 … an intimate/romantic partner. Is that so wrong?”

@mbalisoga said, “I hard but rewarding journey to finding YOUR HAPPY”

@promiselebepe “O my gosh 😢 are u talking to me”

@lord_mazubane said, “😂It’s lonely kwa know your worth”

@pinkymathebe said, “This kind of love is the most fulfilling and how wonderful is it that we had it in us all along…what a bliss”

@mbali_bhengu_ said, “That’s the only love. In love with myself 😍”

@lizzy_boltie said, “Oh sis Bonnie this truly hit home, I constantly keep checking on my mental health… if I’m okay, coping and forging forth… because I can’t deny the fact that there’s a feeling of a void, longing to be loved and appreciated by someone. Yet, I constantly find faults, think that I’m not worthy or it’s never too long-term and that just kills me😢”

@noxibantom said, “You could not have said it better @bonniembuli oh what an amazing feeling it is to wake up to do self-work every day, what game changer!!!”

@sabs1536 said, “Exactly what I’m going through right now. You look good though”

@misskmog said, “The love that we feel is inadequate that we expect from the next person, is the love we are adequate to give, and we should start with ourselves-Lesson from Iyanla Vanzant”

Bonnie recently slammed the former President’s daughter Dudu Zuma-Sambudla for her reckless tweet.

Dudu tweeted a video that shows multiple cars burning with a caption that read: “Mooi Plaza…We See You!!! Amandla!!! #FreeJacobZuma”

Bonnie called her out and said, “This is appalling, nothing to celebrate here, nothing Amandla about it, it’s despicable!”

We know Bonnie does not mince her words and we love that about her.

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